Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dame Elizabeth Taylor (Feb27, 1932 March 23 2011)

One of the biggest movie stars of all time, Dame Elizabeth Taylor was glamorous, at times notorious and famous for many things: being a child actress who made the successful but rare transition to full-fledged movie-stardom, an object of desire,a glamorous international superstar and a much-respected HIV/AIDS activist.

Over a period of nearly 60 years, Taylor played women af all walks of life--from haughty to naughty. It carried over into her personal life. She was married multiple times and caused a huge scandal when she started an affair with costar Richard Burton (who she eventually married, later divorced and then remarried) while both were married to other people.

Famous also for her off-screen life as much as her cinematic roles, she did as much as anyone to give the term 'celebrity' its relevance in an era when that association actually carried real significance.

On top of it all, the violet-eyed film star really knew how to light up a room as well as a film. Her career slowed in the 1970s, but then she had a new role to play: Being Elizabeth Taylor and she played it marvelously.